Thursday, December 13, 2018

3 Clever Ways to Reinvent Your Home Office

Here’s the rundown: you maintain an office space in your home, but you rarely use it. We’ve all been there—restless and eager to work at our laptop, but feeling (rightfully so) that our bedroom just doesn’t cut it in terms of productivity. Today, Best Buy Furniture is here to tell you that you don’t always need to escape to the nearest café when you want to concentrate and work—you can rearrange, reinvent, and redecorate your home office! All it takes is some careful planning, and the results will astound you!

Brown Computer Desk

I. The Built-In-Nook

Imagine this, if you will. Instead of freely floating in the middle of your room, or pressing against a wall, your dedicated office desk can occupy a tiny nook of its own. We like this setup because it eliminates nearby distractions, helping us to concentrate on the task at hand. 

While a traditional computer desk could go the trick here, we encourage you to decorate any way you want—even if that means an adjustable height desk. Who says you always have to sit down as you work? 2018 was all about breaking old habits, and we expect all the more from 2019!

Versailles Cherry Oak Computer Desk & Hutch

II. The Picturesque Home Office

If we had to guess, you’ve always dreamed of having your own full-fledge home office: a professional work zone, with a bookcase, fancy lighting, and plenty of storage included. Do you realize that a classic office credenza could give you all of that, in the style, finish and size that suits you best? 

It’s rare that one piece of furniture does the trick by itself, but in this case, a credenza is in fact a miracle. What’s even sweeter: because of the way a credenza can command a space, you can glamorize an otherwise dull and uninspiring home office, just by planting some stately decor in it.

Pandora Black Desk (Leg)

III. The Repurposed Corner

In the world of home decor, a corner is sometimes to be avoided. But that’s nonsense in the home office! With the right office desk, you can work wonders. 

Conveniently, you can browse through our home office furniture collections to find just the right corner desk for the job, at a price that’ll get you thinking about redecorating on a week day. 

Visit our storefront in Philadelphia, PA, to reinvent your home decor!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Celebrate a Brand-New Dining Room Set

As we near the start of the holiday season, we’re all probably thinking the same thing: we wish we had upgraded our dining room decor this year. But in the world of discount furniture, any time is a good time to purchase a new dining room set for your home or apartment!

Today we’ll explore just some of the ways you can reinvent and rearrange your dining room decor for yourself, your guests and family.

Your Dining Room Centerpiece: A Table for Any Size Gathering

Moriville Gray Rectangular Dining Room Counter Extension Table

Here’s one way to think about your dining room: your sense of style starts at your dining room table. Ask yourself what style reflects you, then how many guests you expect to see this year, and plan your decor around that. By the time you’ve chosen your rustic centerpiece, you’ll be amazed at how easy and intuitive the rest of the decorating becomes. The trick of the game, as always, is to get the ball rolling; and in the case of your dining room, that means knowing the aesthetic and the mood that you want.

Go one step further and invest in an extension dining room table that’ll seat and serve 5 guests for an intimate evening, then extend up to 7 or 8 on those most festive of occasions.

A Dining Room Buffet: Perfect Storage for Your Plates and Utensils

Centiar Two-tone Brown Dining Room Server

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to revolutionize the look and feel of your dining room, your surest bet may be a dining room buffet or server. An ideal place to store extra plates, wines and utensils, the buffet frames the space itself, exuding a natural beauty of its own as well. We particularly enjoy rich antique woods and smoky finishes to contrast or complement the dining room table in the room. Buffets can range from sliding to displays, and drawers, in any color and style you could want for the space.

An Underestimated Piece of Upholstery: Your Dining Room Bench

Bolanburg Antique White Large Upholstered Dining Bench

How do you ooze cool in your dining room without overburdening the shelves and walls of your room? An upholstered leather bench would be the answer, of course. Perfectly squeezed between a pair of two dining room side chairs, your fabric or faux-leather bench can invite the eye, and cushion your guests as you spend the evening surrounded by delicious food and delightful company.
Whether it’s plush and tufted or entirely wooden, you may find that your dining room bench becomes a favorite among your friends and family, sooner than you realize it.

Best Buy Furniture Assists You in Decorating All Year Long

As always, Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ is where you can find the best collection of dining room furniture, at prices that’ll inspire you!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Design Tips: The Bedroom

Your bedroom is probably your home’s most sacred space, the place to let your guard down and be yourself. It’s where you start and end your day, pass out with a pizza on Friday night (we’re not judging), pick out the clothes you’re going to venture out into the world in, and curl up into a ball under a pile of blankets when you’re feeling down. So choosing furniture and other decor for this room is very important. Here is some design advice to simplify this task.

bedroom set with warm colors

Consider the Temperature

No, we’re not talking about opening a bedroom window or turning your thermostat up. Rather, what’s your bedroom’s emotional temperature, the dominant mood you want to set there? Are you extremely warm and welcoming? Then so should be your bedroom. Paint the walls with a warm hue. Accent your bed with colorful pillows. Accent the room overall with bright curtains.

Or what if you need to chill? Then cool colors, such as blues, greens, and violet, are in order to calm you down for the night.

You know who you are, so make your bedroom’s temperature into a reflection of yourself, and you’ll always feel comfortable in your most intimate, personal and private space.

 California king bed

Form and Function Are Your Friends

The two most important things to consider about your bedroom are that:

It suits your style and looks great. It looks like you. It’s a reflection of you.
It’s functional. It’s comfortable. It’s sensible. It’s logical.

In other words, you shouldn’t choose a beautiful-looking bedroom space that makes no functional sense, or vice versa. In the spirit of feng shui, a Chinese theory of interior design, think about what type of balance makes sense for you.

How big is your bedroom? Be realistic, because cluttering it won’t make sense. Less is usually more. Think about how it should flow to suit your routine.

Once the logistics are squared away, think about how you can achieve your needs in a manner that is most suitable to your style. Of course we have a wide array of items in our bedroom furniture inventory that will suit any taste.


So, now that we’ve gone over two important bedroom tips, we have a little homework assignment for you. Ask yourself these questions:

What temperature is your overall mood, and how can you make your bedroom reflect that?
What can be changed about your bedroom to make it more functional, and cohesive with your routine?
How can your personal stylistic preferences be applied to the newfound functionality of your bedroom?

And if you have any other questions or you simply want to check out what’s out there in bedroom furniture, come to one of our Pennsauken,NJ stores, check out our website or give us a call.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Renew Your Living Room in Three Easy Steps

The Chinese idea of feng shui makes much of keeping items that only bring you joy, eliminating clutter. The thinking behind this is just as clutter makes it hard to walk around your living room, it also blocks positive energy, known as chi. So if your living room furniture seems worn or dated, it’s probably bringing down your spirits in ways you might not even consciously feel. Time for an upgrade. The pieces that no longer inspire you can go to charity so you can renew your living space and refresh your life.

 sofa set

Step One: Make a Plan

First, decide on a specific theme. What kind of vibe do you want to give? Casual and relaxing? Upscale and luxurious? Fun and family-friendly? Classic such as Victorian? Modern? Futuristic?

Tip: Plants make great table-toppers to liven things up.

 area rug

Step Two: Set a Budget

Whether you want to spend for an entire living room set or a state-of-the-art sectional sofa, we’ve got your back. Setting a realistic budget is critical. While we do offer an incredible Lay-A-Way program (which allows qualified buyers up to 12 months to finalize the payments), it’s always best not to go too far beyond your means. Before browsing our vast selection of living room furniture, always set a realistic budget for your needs and we will be happy to make the best suggestions we can.

Tip: If your budget allows, add a flash area rug to keep things fresh.

 fabric upholstered loveseat

Step Three: Narrow Down the Options

Most discount furniture stores in Philadelphia and South Jersey don’t have as many options to choose from as us. It’s always best to find a reputable dealer that has a huge catalog of couches so you can easily narrow down your top two or three favorite options. Once you have it narrowed down, our product specialists can work together with you and your family to make your selections meet everybody’s needs. We will even work with you if you buy multiple pieces of furniture at once to help make things as affordable as possible!

Tip: If you’ve got a small space, rather than trying to hide this, embrace the smallness by pulling your loveseat and recliner close together with your coffee table, like a TV talk-show set.

Now that the hard part (or not-so-hard part if you use us) is done, it’s time to sit back and relax. Throw on your favorite Netflix series. Have some buddies over for the game. Fire up the Xbox. Whatever your means of fun is, we make the sales process quick and painless, so you can go back to living in style and comfort.

Tip: If you do want the illusion of more space, bright white walls with your favorite artwork mounted in white frames will do the trick.

Like any big life change, refreshing your living room furniture is daunting at first. That’s why our team of experts is here. We’ve sold furniture to numerous people from all walks of life with a variety of themes and color schemes. We’ll even make recommendations based on photos you email us or bring to our store! That’s how Best Buy has become the premier discount furniture store in Philadelphia, PA.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Reinterpreting Your Living Room: the Pizzazz of Sectional Sofas and Other Decor

All across America, homeowners, tenants and house guests everywhere find themselves at a crossroads: they have all the furniture they need, but nonetheless, they’re not quite satisfied with any of it. In the bedroom, this is a more localized, and personal problem; one that can be hidden out of sight until you see just the right nightstand or wall decoration to get you thinking contemporary vs. classic again. But in the living room of your home or apartment, this is, in fact, a social crisis waiting to happen.

Instead of leaving you hanging and unhappy in your most social of living spaces, today we’ll go into the ABC’s of living room renovations, starting with your sectional sofa:

The Geometric Potential of Your Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa

Although you may be unaccustomed to thinking about your living room decor in terms of angles (and may be shying from any memory of Geometry altogether), compartments and partitions, we here at Best Buy Furniture see the wisdom in this from time to time—especially when renovating.

Take your sectional sofa, for example. While anyone could haphazardly drop this exceptional piece of upholstery up against the wall and call it a day, you’re a more discerning decorator, and you know this simply won’t work. The human eye can detect the tiniest hints of asymmetry at a glance, leaving you and any of your guests (regardless of your respective backgrounds in the arts) with the unshakable feeling that there’s something “off” about your living room.

Whether it be a 3 piece or 7 piece left-facing sectional sofa, think about the space that your sofa dominates and how this affects your surrounding furniture.

An Accent Ottoman Can Complement Any Size Sofa

Accent Ottoman

After you’ve divvied up your living room and allocated a portion of it to your primary seating (be it in the form of a sectional sofa or power recliner), get to thinking about what best complements it. In most cases, we find that an accent ottoman is ideal here—being both aesthetically pleasing, and totally functional as a foot rest, makeshift table, or perch for your house pet.

In one inviting accent ottoman, you can fill in any voids left behind by your sofa, and create an oasis of sorts in your living room, encouraging you to relax, get productive, and be creative. At its best, your living room should inspire you to be yourself; and renovating the space with a new sectional sofa or leather ottoman can do this, easily and affordably.

Consult Your Local Decorators Whenever You Want

Sofa Sets for the Living Room

Having bequeathed you a few ideas to digest, we leave you to visualize all these possibilities in your own home or apartment. At the same time, we encourage you to reach out to us here at Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, New Jersey, to ask any questions you may have regarding sectional sofas, living room renovations, and everything related to affordable home decorating.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Which Size Mattress Should You Share?

No matter if you prefer sprawling or spooning, there are a number of mattresses that will please you and your partner. First and foremost when shopping for a mattress, which you should do ever 10 years to stay healthy, is SUPPORT. Your bed needs a good foundation to completely take over from your muscles to let you rest, and accommodate your partner’s needs and preferences as well. Does he or she need a Euro top for extra softness to easily fall asleep? Second comes COMFORT of course, such as a pillowy feeling to sink into while the firm mattress below does its job.


Cozy Full Mattresses for Extra Closeness

It may so happen that you and a partner’s sleep needs are perfectly in sync, and neither of you are “hot sleepers” giving off excess heat when at rest. If you are among those so fortunate, then a full-size mattress is ideal for snuggling! One thing to consider, however, are your heights; full mattresses are best if you’re both at most 5 feet 5 inches tall.

King mattress

More Than One Mattress Solution for Motion Issues

Of course you want to sleep with your significant other but it’s often a tradeoff: people who snooze together report 50% more interruptions to their rest than those who don’t. If you share your mattress and one of you gets out of bed a lot during the night, you work different shifts, or one or both of you move a lot in your sleep, there is more than one mattress solution to keep both partners happy and help the relationship! There is the drastic solution of two twin or full beds, which isn’t just something you see in old movies: about 1 in 4 American couples go this route. But before you do that, sacrificing the closeness that builds your relationship, we’d like to tell you about the latest in gel-infused memory foam mattresses. These fine lab-developed items not only give your tired body a comfortable “ride” and diffuse excess body heat. They also maximally absorb your motion so your partner remains peacefully asleep! Of course if you need extra room to stretch out on top of that, go for a king mattress. But if square footage in your bedroom prevents that, not to worry. America’s favorite size is the queenmattress. With this state-of-the-art polymer technology, your new mattress will give you the sleep you need to be on top of your game AND ramp up your love life!

Whichever size mattress you prefer, you’ll find it among the top brands available at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress in our Philadelphia,PA area stores!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Which Kind of Sofa Should You Get: Leather or Fabric?

With nearly perfect climate control possible in almost all homes, and leather cleaning simpler than most imagine, your choice of a leather or fabric-covered living room sofa almost comes down to preference but there are a few factors to consider in favor of each.

gray fabric sofa

The Versatility of Fabric Upholstered Sofas

If you have your perfect living room setup intending to keep it forever, perhaps a leather sofa is the ideal finishing touch. However, if you think one or more moves are in your future, consider how well your sofa will fit into different decors. Fabric’s many varied colors and patterns offer households on the go a measure of versatility. That said, few things say “luxury” like rich multitone leather. We know; it’s so hard to choose!

leather sectional sofa

What About Cleaning?

If you have a busy household with young children, you might be drawn to a fabric sofa’s easy maintenance thanks to synthetic upholstery such as polyester or rayon, as soft as natural fiber but very easy to clean the inevitable spills. A stain protector spray is a good idea to make your fabric sofa last even longer. But if your heart is set on a leather sofa, fear not. Although leather is less resistant to staining, with the right cleaning products as well as lotion to keep this natural upholstery supple, you can get equally good results with a little extra effort. Also, bear in mind that fabric sofas are more likely to retain pet hair and dander, a caveat if anybody in your home has allergies. Leather sofas do not have this drawback. However, if you fear scratches to your beautiful sofa from kids and pets, fabric is the better way to go.

 green fabric sofa

How Are Your Heating and AC?

If your living room has large windows so it’s vulnerable to changes in outside temperature, a fabric sofa might be your optimal choice. With climate control, as in an interior room away from heat and drafts, leather is no problem.

Luckily for you, we stock many models of both leather and fabric sofas, in sectional, three-seat sofa, and loveseat sizes. Stop by any of our Philadelphia, PA area stores to see for yourself how wonderful either a leather or fabric sofa will be for you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Designing a Living Room for the Spring and Summer of 2018

While the Spring and the green may have arrived late for us here in Philadelphia, there’s no reason why you have to stall your annual plans for Mother Nature. Now’s the perfect time to reawaken that interior decorator in all of us and get to redesigning our living spaces. Whether you lean toward the regal or the rural, our home furniture experts know precisely what’ll rejuvenate your home, preparing you for all the color and the splendor of the Summer of 2018.

Living room sectional sofa

Bring Brightness into Your Living Room Furniture

What could be more energetic during the Spring of 2018 than a living room and furniture that glows like the sun? With one of our ever-modular and rearrangeable sectionals, you can line the sides and back of your living space in hues that recall the radiance of the morning. Break up the color scheme by adding a sectional coffee table that complements the seating and the style of the room. Remembering the rule of substance and scale, opt for a bigger L-shaped sofa, especially if you’re furnishing a relatively small area.

 Earth-tone living room loveseat

Revive Your Living Room Furniture with Accessories

Amidst all your earth-toned upholstery, why not celebrate the arrival of the season (belated as it was) by accenting your living room sofas and loveseats with colorful displays of flowers and seasonal plants? Just some clay-molded pots and a bouquet of local pickings will spruce up your space so much you’ll forget it was ever winter. As you’re rearranging your larger pieces of living room furniture, do balance it all out as much as possible, being mindful that your colors and accents match.

 Weathered living room futon

Open-Space Benches and Living Room Futons Aplenty

Spring and Summer should be light and airy; and so should the seating in your living room. Get stylish by experimenting with an upholstered bench that won’t block the decor on your walls. Of course, who said a bench has to always be for seating? You can acquire a richly finished bench containing drawers, as well as baskets for all your arts and crafts, and anything else you can dream up. Meanwhile, your sun room is just begging for a weathered futon—ideal for lounging and siesta-hour napping during the day.

If you’re feeling the Spring bug in your bones, then now’s the time to scratch it and stop by at a Best Buy discount furniture store in Philadelphia, PA or Pennsauken, NJ. Between our living room furnishings, and our stellar daily savings, you’ll do more decorating than you ever thought possible.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Get the Most Out of Your Dining Room

One tried and true recipe for creating togetherness is to mix one part delicious food with one part lively conversation, mix well around an intimate setting, and enjoy. While we can’t help you with the food and conversation (there are other blogs for those sorts of things), when it comes to the intimate setting, we are the experts. Whether you only have room in the kitchen for a dinette table, or the luxury of a designated dining room, we have just the dining room furnishings to make every meal as cozy as possible.

Minimalist Dining Room Furniture, Where Less is More

For many homeowners, there are usually two reasons behind taking a minimalist approach to their interior design. The first is that it is a simple yet elegant style that requires few pieces to achieve maximum results. The second is that there simply isn’t enough space in their home for a robust, eight-chair dining room table with matching buffet. So if you fall into one of these two categories, consider dining room furniture pieces that are designed with a unique flourish that doesn’t take up much physical space, nor is demanding on the eye. Simple elements like basic geometry will help to alleviate both, making for an eye-catching dining experience that is still homely and connected.

 Minimalist dining room table

Casual Dining Room Furniture for Busy Diners

With the hustle and bustle involved in today’s lifestyles, there’s very little time anymore for the kind of sit-down meal where everyone is able to join together. When time finally does allow, it makes little sense to set out a full table with fine china, linens, and six-piece silverware sets. Having a casual dining room table helps your hectic family members relax while you eat, forgoing the formality of fine dining in favor of closeness. Dining room furniture sets with a dining bench instead of chairs drops the peg of conservative dining down several notches.

 Casual dining room table with bench

Similarly, provided there is enough storage space in your kitchen cabinets, you can ditch the center island and opt for a counter height kitchen table with padded stools. Not only does this approach maintain a casual atmosphere, it offers a food prep area that your family can sit around to chat while helping with the cooking. Making meals together creates bonds that eliminate the hierarchy of diner and chef, thus bringing families together in more practical ways.

Counter height kitchen table

Shop Dining Room Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ

If you’re looking to furnish or upgrade your dining room or kitchen dinette, stop into Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ today. We carry all sorts of styles and sizes of dining room furniture, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Shop online or in any of our four regional locations.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Learn More About Our Online Furniture Layaway

Are you looking to buy new home furniture but are worried about the cost? Now you can rest easy with our convenient furniture layaway program. Our furniture layaway program allows you to pay for your home furnishings in convenient monthly installments that you can afford. Simply select the home furnishings you want, sign up for an account, and create a plan that includes anywhere between two to twelve payment installments. Once all of your payments are complete, the furniture is yours!
furniture on layaway

To help you better understand our furniture layaway program, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. Once you review the information below, we encourage you to start shopping!
How do I put a product on layaway?
To put a home furnishing item on layaway, click on the “Lay-A-Way Monthly Payment” button next to the product image. All the home furniture on our website can be put on layaway, without exception.
How many payments can I set-up for my furniture purchase?
With our furniture layaway plan, you can choose a minimum of two payments, and a maximum of twelve.

How much is each furniture layaway payment?

The amount of your payments will vary depending on the price of the furniture and the number of payment installments you choose.

How do I make my furniture layaway payments?

1. Click here to sign in to (or create) your customer account.
2. Click on "Lay-A-Ways" to view the home furniture products you have selected.
3. Click "Make Lay-A-Way Payment" next to the home furniture product that you would like to make a payment on.
4. Enter and review your billing information and click "Confirm."
Can I set up automatic payments for each month?
Unfortunately, we do not offer an automatic payment option. All furniture layaway payments must be made manually each month. We will periodically send reminder emails to make sure that all your payments are submitted on time.
For more information about our furniture layaway program, contact Best Buy Furniture & Mattress today! You can contact us in Philadelphia, PA or at any one of our four locations. And remember, all products can be placed on layaway, so feel free to use this program to purchase new living room furniture, dining room furniture, or anything else that your home needs!

Friday, January 19, 2018

How to Reinvent a Room with Home Accents

No matter how much you love your home decor, over time you may get tired of looking at the same thing every day. That being said, we understand that not every person has the necessary funds to redo a room every time it starts to feel stale. If you have a room that needs an upgrade, but buying new furniture is out of the question, then you may want to consider purchasing a fresh set of home accents. With home accents and accessories, just a little bit goes a long way. Learn more about these versatile home furnishings and how they can enhance your house without exceeding your budget.

Transform Your Space with Room Dividers

Break up the monotony of any room with one of our fashionable room dividers. These home accents can be used to partition studio apartments or provide privacy in large, open rooms. Want to make a truly unique design statement? By placing a room divider flush against one of your walls, it can even serve as a piece of distinctive artwork. Our room dividers come in a variety of diverse styles, including contemporary, traditional, and art deco. No matter what your style of home décor, we can provide a wealth of options perfectly suited for you.

Organize in Style with Accent Chests

People accumulate a lot of things throughout the years, including pictures, antiques, souvenirs, and so much more. Without a proper place to store your belongings, your treasured possessions can begin to look like nothing more than clutter. With one of our accent chests, you can make the most of your prized possessions and show them off to your guests in style. Our accent chests provide ample storage and shelf space that can help bring organization to any part of your home. They also feature elegant design accents, like rustic wood finishes and glass inlay doors, making these home furnishings the ultimate combination of form and function.

Liven Up a Room with Decorative Pillows

Do you have a sofa that is beginning to look old and worn out? Do your accent chairs look bare and underwhelming? Allow our decorative pillows to bring color and life back into your old or outdated furniture pieces. Our decorative pillows come in an assortment of stylish designs that are guaranteed to add beauty to your living room, your family room, or even your bedroom. We have literally hundreds of decorative pillows to choose from, with products available for less than $20!

If you are ready to give your home a much-needed upgrade, come to Best Buy Furniture today! We are the premier source for Ashley furniture and accent décor in Philadelphia, PA. You can browse our complete home accent collection online or at any one of our four brick-and-mortar furniture stores. We hope to see you soon!