Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Get the Most Out of Your Dining Room

One tried and true recipe for creating togetherness is to mix one part delicious food with one part lively conversation, mix well around an intimate setting, and enjoy. While we can’t help you with the food and conversation (there are other blogs for those sorts of things), when it comes to the intimate setting, we are the experts. Whether you only have room in the kitchen for a dinette table, or the luxury of a designated dining room, we have just the dining room furnishings to make every meal as cozy as possible.

Minimalist Dining Room Furniture, Where Less is More

For many homeowners, there are usually two reasons behind taking a minimalist approach to their interior design. The first is that it is a simple yet elegant style that requires few pieces to achieve maximum results. The second is that there simply isn’t enough space in their home for a robust, eight-chair dining room table with matching buffet. So if you fall into one of these two categories, consider dining room furniture pieces that are designed with a unique flourish that doesn’t take up much physical space, nor is demanding on the eye. Simple elements like basic geometry will help to alleviate both, making for an eye-catching dining experience that is still homely and connected.

 Minimalist dining room table

Casual Dining Room Furniture for Busy Diners

With the hustle and bustle involved in today’s lifestyles, there’s very little time anymore for the kind of sit-down meal where everyone is able to join together. When time finally does allow, it makes little sense to set out a full table with fine china, linens, and six-piece silverware sets. Having a casual dining room table helps your hectic family members relax while you eat, forgoing the formality of fine dining in favor of closeness. Dining room furniture sets with a dining bench instead of chairs drops the peg of conservative dining down several notches.

 Casual dining room table with bench

Similarly, provided there is enough storage space in your kitchen cabinets, you can ditch the center island and opt for a counter height kitchen table with padded stools. Not only does this approach maintain a casual atmosphere, it offers a food prep area that your family can sit around to chat while helping with the cooking. Making meals together creates bonds that eliminate the hierarchy of diner and chef, thus bringing families together in more practical ways.

Counter height kitchen table

Shop Dining Room Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ

If you’re looking to furnish or upgrade your dining room or kitchen dinette, stop into Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ today. We carry all sorts of styles and sizes of dining room furniture, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Shop online or in any of our four regional locations.

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