Thursday, July 19, 2018

Which Kind of Sofa Should You Get: Leather or Fabric?

With nearly perfect climate control possible in almost all homes, and leather cleaning simpler than most imagine, your choice of a leather or fabric-covered living room sofa almost comes down to preference but there are a few factors to consider in favor of each.

gray fabric sofa

The Versatility of Fabric Upholstered Sofas

If you have your perfect living room setup intending to keep it forever, perhaps a leather sofa is the ideal finishing touch. However, if you think one or more moves are in your future, consider how well your sofa will fit into different decors. Fabric’s many varied colors and patterns offer households on the go a measure of versatility. That said, few things say “luxury” like rich multitone leather. We know; it’s so hard to choose!

leather sectional sofa

What About Cleaning?

If you have a busy household with young children, you might be drawn to a fabric sofa’s easy maintenance thanks to synthetic upholstery such as polyester or rayon, as soft as natural fiber but very easy to clean the inevitable spills. A stain protector spray is a good idea to make your fabric sofa last even longer. But if your heart is set on a leather sofa, fear not. Although leather is less resistant to staining, with the right cleaning products as well as lotion to keep this natural upholstery supple, you can get equally good results with a little extra effort. Also, bear in mind that fabric sofas are more likely to retain pet hair and dander, a caveat if anybody in your home has allergies. Leather sofas do not have this drawback. However, if you fear scratches to your beautiful sofa from kids and pets, fabric is the better way to go.

 green fabric sofa

How Are Your Heating and AC?

If your living room has large windows so it’s vulnerable to changes in outside temperature, a fabric sofa might be your optimal choice. With climate control, as in an interior room away from heat and drafts, leather is no problem.

Luckily for you, we stock many models of both leather and fabric sofas, in sectional, three-seat sofa, and loveseat sizes. Stop by any of our Philadelphia, PA area stores to see for yourself how wonderful either a leather or fabric sofa will be for you!