Monday, July 15, 2019

What Is Engineered Wood and How Does It Help My Furniture?

Chances are as you’ve shopped for furniture deals you’ve come across this puzzling expression, “engineered wood,” used to describe many pieces’ construction and materials. Is this real wood? Is it durable? Today in our blog we’ll solve this furniture-business mystery for you.

engineered wood dining table

The Way Engineered Wood Is Made

Solid wood is a single piece of kiln-dried timber cut from a tree, but the engineered wood used for affordable home furniture is a bit more complicated. It consists of particles of wood bound together with strong adhesives. This joins the layers at the particle or fiber level, much more than simply gluing boards together. For your dining table, etc., engineered wood is topped off with a veneer (top layer) of selective type wood. This construction makes engineered wood even MORE stable than solid wood! There are other names for engineered wood including man-made wood. However, it is real wood simply gone through a man-made process. The same soft and hardwoods that go into lumber are used to make engineered wood. Other names are composite wood and mass timber.

Engineered Wood Types

Types of engineered wood include perhaps the oldest and best known, plywood, known for its strength and versatility as well as being inexpensive. Other types of man-made wood include particleboard popular for shelves and renowned for being lightweight, densified wood, and fiberboard.

engineered wood queen bed

Uses for Engineered Wood

Because a factory process creates engineered wood, it can be tailor-made to ideally suit some home furniture’s uses. The size of the engineered wood piece can be anything you need, not dependent on the size of a source tree. When making engineered wood, the natural strength of wood fibers is maximized, giving your queen bed or other piece even more durability than solid antique wood! This wonder material is SO strong that it’s used in home construction!

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