Monday, June 17, 2019

Outdoor Furniture 101: How to Choose

When you’re looking for cool deck or patio furniture, sure, you want style. And when you’re looking for porch furniture or outdoor fire pits at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress, that’s easy to find. But what else should you be keeping an eye on? As summer really gets under way in the Delaware Valley and down the shore, here are Best Buy’s free tips to choosing the best poolside or yard furniture for the long run.

outdoor dining set

Water Resistant Outdoor Furniture

Even if outdoor furniture is made of metal and fabric, be aware that the cheaper stuff can still rot or fall apart after a season of heavy use. Look for extra features that show your outdoor dining set and other pieces can take summer’s onslaughts such as rainstorms. Rust-resistant aluminum in a powdercoated finish is a sure thing. Also look for design features such as latticework tabletops so rain doesn’t pool or puddle on them. It sluices through to the ground, no problem.

outdoor sofa

Durable Outdoor Furniture Upholstery & Fabric

Another feature to look for in outdoor furniture that’s upholstered or made of fabric is something that can take heavy use, rain, AND sun! Sounds like a tall order. But don’t worry. You can get a cool outdoor sofa or chaise with lab-perfected performance fabric such as Nuvella or Sunbrella. Because these are synthetic fibers, the manufacturer adds the color when it is still molten plastic. That means nothing will fade this color. So sit down and enjoy safely tanning (with sunscreen) as well as your barbecue, drinks, and chat. When you choose your outdoor furniture well, you can use the money you save for more steaks on the grill.

No matter your outdoor furniture preference, you’re sure to find durable materials at the right price here. Stop by any of Best Buy Furniture’s locations including our Pennsauken, NJ store and stock up for this summer and many to come.