Thursday, September 5, 2019

Buy Factory Direct Furniture via Container Shipping to Save Even MORE

NOW, thanks to better communications and transport, enjoy factory direct furniture via container shipping to save even MORE on awesome Best Buy Furniture & Mattress offerings EVERY day. That’s right. You can choose among the best of bargain Ashley furniture and other fine brands from their massive catalogs. Your cool new bedroom set, for example, is specially packed in a cargo container at the factory overseas, sent directly to us and then, if you need it, delivered to you for easy setup!

best selling metallic queen bedroom set

Typical Factory Direct Furniture Bargains from Best Buy

Right now at Best Buy, factory direct furniture container deals are your bonanza if you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture. Here are just two examples. Need a bedroom set? Your ship will come in, literally, with our vast selection and quality. One of our most popular options is an all-wood 5-piece queen bedroom set also available in king from the Coaster furniture brand. It includes the bed and nightstand as well as a dresser with arched mirror and handy chest of drawers. This excellent set in gray with silver-colored upholstery and button tufting is a steal thanks to container service at 59% off the normal retail price! That’s right, a $2,419 bedroom set can be all yours for ONLY $999! It gets better. Need a grand 7-piece bedroom set in king or queen? A favorite from the Lifestyle furniture brand, a dignified panel bed in a cherry finish with its accessory pieces, normally $1,899, is available thanks to factory direct shipping for an astonishing $799.

top setting cherry bedroom set

These factory direct furniture savings and MORE can be yours for the taking now at our Pennsauken, NJ store and other Best Buy Furniture& Mattress locations. DON'T miss out! See you soon.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Hooray for Beautiful Outdoor Benches in YOUR Patio or Yard!

Now that summer’s starting its long goodbye, consider the cool and practical outdoor benches that can make YOUR patio or yard the place to snuggle as you watch the sun set and feel the nip of autumn as the breeze catches the changing leaves, showering you in a cascade of color. Of course outdoor benches and other sturdy outdoor seating options from Best Buy Furniture & Mattress are also awesome in the spring and summer. Our favorite outdoor benches are both the traditional park or sidewalk-style bench with a back and arms, as well as the picnic-style benches perfect for your outdoor dining set if you have restless little ones who want to get back to playing in the yard. They’re also phenomenal to have poolside as you and your kids take a break from either laps for exercise or endless foam rubber ball throwing and games of “Marco Polo.”

traditional gray wood outdoor bench

Laminated Outdoor Benches to Stop Rot

Like us you may be a romantic and traditionalist at heart, thinking fondly of outdoor benches made of all-American wood. But, you might ask, what about wood rot? Not to worry. Thanks to advances in outdoor furniture, today’s real wood benches are laminated to make weathering and rot truly things of the past. Rest in style on these sturdy outdoor benches for many happy seasons.

Ashley Polywood outdoor bench

Extra Assurance: Go for Polywood Outdoor Benches

But if you really want indestructible outdoor benches, then join us in saying hooray for Polywood! This material for outdoor benches as well as Adirondack chairs and other seating is literally guaranteed to last. Better still, if you care about saving Mother Earth, these cool outdoor benches are manufactured entirely of recycled plastic!

With some well-chosen outdoor benches affordably from Best Buy’s Pennsauken, NJ store, you too can be the outdoor host with the most! Stop by to see how easy it can be.

Monday, July 15, 2019

What Is Engineered Wood and How Does It Help My Furniture?

Chances are as you’ve shopped for furniture deals you’ve come across this puzzling expression, “engineered wood,” used to describe many pieces’ construction and materials. Is this real wood? Is it durable? Today in our blog we’ll solve this furniture-business mystery for you.

engineered wood dining table

The Way Engineered Wood Is Made

Solid wood is a single piece of kiln-dried timber cut from a tree, but the engineered wood used for affordable home furniture is a bit more complicated. It consists of particles of wood bound together with strong adhesives. This joins the layers at the particle or fiber level, much more than simply gluing boards together. For your dining table, etc., engineered wood is topped off with a veneer (top layer) of selective type wood. This construction makes engineered wood even MORE stable than solid wood! There are other names for engineered wood including man-made wood. However, it is real wood simply gone through a man-made process. The same soft and hardwoods that go into lumber are used to make engineered wood. Other names are composite wood and mass timber.

Engineered Wood Types

Types of engineered wood include perhaps the oldest and best known, plywood, known for its strength and versatility as well as being inexpensive. Other types of man-made wood include particleboard popular for shelves and renowned for being lightweight, densified wood, and fiberboard.

engineered wood queen bed

Uses for Engineered Wood

Because a factory process creates engineered wood, it can be tailor-made to ideally suit some home furniture’s uses. The size of the engineered wood piece can be anything you need, not dependent on the size of a source tree. When making engineered wood, the natural strength of wood fibers is maximized, giving your queen bed or other piece even more durability than solid antique wood! This wonder material is SO strong that it’s used in home construction!

Have full confidence in the rock-hard engineered wood frames you get with affordable home furniture from our Pennsauken, NJ area stores!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Outdoor Furniture 101: How to Choose

When you’re looking for cool deck or patio furniture, sure, you want style. And when you’re looking for porch furniture or outdoor fire pits at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress, that’s easy to find. But what else should you be keeping an eye on? As summer really gets under way in the Delaware Valley and down the shore, here are Best Buy’s free tips to choosing the best poolside or yard furniture for the long run.

outdoor dining set

Water Resistant Outdoor Furniture

Even if outdoor furniture is made of metal and fabric, be aware that the cheaper stuff can still rot or fall apart after a season of heavy use. Look for extra features that show your outdoor dining set and other pieces can take summer’s onslaughts such as rainstorms. Rust-resistant aluminum in a powdercoated finish is a sure thing. Also look for design features such as latticework tabletops so rain doesn’t pool or puddle on them. It sluices through to the ground, no problem.

outdoor sofa

Durable Outdoor Furniture Upholstery & Fabric

Another feature to look for in outdoor furniture that’s upholstered or made of fabric is something that can take heavy use, rain, AND sun! Sounds like a tall order. But don’t worry. You can get a cool outdoor sofa or chaise with lab-perfected performance fabric such as Nuvella or Sunbrella. Because these are synthetic fibers, the manufacturer adds the color when it is still molten plastic. That means nothing will fade this color. So sit down and enjoy safely tanning (with sunscreen) as well as your barbecue, drinks, and chat. When you choose your outdoor furniture well, you can use the money you save for more steaks on the grill.

No matter your outdoor furniture preference, you’re sure to find durable materials at the right price here. Stop by any of Best Buy Furniture’s locations including our Pennsauken, NJ store and stock up for this summer and many to come.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Get Performance Fabric for the Ultimate in Stain Fighting

Before the advent of performance fabric upholstery, time was when you spilled something on your living room furniture, you cleaned it as best you can and likely had a ghost of a stain for the rest of your sofa’s days. That time is long past thanks to the boom in synthetic fabrics. Not only are these fabrics easy to make and in a wide variety of colors and textures. Scientific advances in the manufacturing of these fibers makes performance fabric an indispensable part of your home furniture and accessories indoor and out. Here’s a brief overview of performance fabric’s astounding success story and why it belongs in YOUR household.

 living room loveseat with performance fabric

Performance Fabric 1, Stains 0

When you choose performance fabric for your living room loveseat and ottoman, you need never worry about kids and dogs ruining upholstery again! To understand why we boldly make this claim, first you have to understand how performance fabric is made. With conventional cloth, the natural fibers are made first, then dipped in a dye that doesn’t saturate the fiber all the way through. That means “these colors run” when there’s trouble such as a cranberry-juice stain or the sun’s relentless rays on your chaise longue. No worries, say the makers of performance fabric. This material is molten plastic before it’s refined into cloth fibers. The trick is to mix the color into the liquid plastic, so that when the plastic is made into fibers and cools, it’s 100% that color. No lasting stains or fading!

patio umbrella made of performance fabric

Outdoor Performance Fabric: Sun and Weatherproof

Of course the uses of colorfast performance fabric seem self-evident: living room furniture getting heavy use as well as awnings and upholstered outdoor dining sets. Also, outdoor umbrellas made of this fabric not only remain pristine: they block UV rays!

Count on performance fabric to keep looking new! Get it on your next piece of living room or outdoor furniture at our Pennsauken, NJ store.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Pick the Right Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Believe it or not, there’s more to picking the ideal mattress than a soft “ride” with firm support at the center. Also take into consideration the way you normally lie on your bed. Different mattresses have their relative strengths and weaknesses depending on if you prefer sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. That’s why Best Buy Furniture’s mattress store keeps a wide variety of constructions and materials available in-store and available to order. No two sleepers are exactly alike. So after you’ve read this overview on sleep posture and its impact on your mattress choice, stop by our store to test-drive a few hybrid mattresses yourself!

medium firm mattress

Medium Firm Mattress for Back Sleepers

If you’re sleeping flopped out on your back, congratulations! You may not win a cash prize for it, but you are the easiest person to get a mattress for, the sleep experts say. Celebrate your good fortune by investing soundly in a medium-firm mattress in your choice of size. Even our most basic, inexpensive innerspring mattress will do the job if you don’t jump on it (your mom was right) and if you turn it over regularly and replace it every decade. The trick to the right mattress for you is to make sure your spine’s lower indentation, the lumbar curve, is ably supported. We especially suggest you consider a medium-firm mattress made with pocketed coils, a slight expense well worth it, and a firm foam core.

soft mattress

Super-Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Okay, you know who you are: you like sleeping on one side! Maybe your sinuses stay open better that way or it just feels good. Well, you’ve got a challenge in picking a good mattress for you. Sleep experts say this position is the hardest for even the best mattresses to adjust to. But don’t despair. There IS a sleep solution for you at Best Buy. Check out our selection of extra-soft latex foam mattresses. These are especially forgiving to the sharp angles such as your elbow that a side sleeper digs into the mattress.

extra firm mattress

Extra Firm Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Maybe you’ve slept face down all your life. The trouble with this sleep preference is you’re more liable to suffer back pain. Achy pressure points are another problem you have to factor in when buying your next mattress. That’s why you should opt for something super-firm. Look for tough steel springs and/or high-density foam core mattresses to best suit your posture in bed.

No matter your preferred sleep position, our Philadelphia,PA store has a mattress for you!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Tiny Space? Avoid Design Pitfalls with the Right Furniture and Accents

If what the realtor or ad described as “intimate” is really “too small,” don’t panic. You too can have an awesome interior design for your home without breaking the bank. All it takes is a bit of thought. This is important because when you are squeezed tight with your square footage, you have nowhere to hide. Any mistake in furniture choice or placement is plain to see. That’s why Best Buy Furniture & Mattress is happy to share with you some free advice, recommended by design pros and honed through years of our helping customers like you, to prevent the most common mistakes new households make when laying out their home furniture

accent cabinet

Go for Storage Furniture in the Foyer

Some designers have recommended open shelving in a tiny entryway. Well, guess what? They’re wrong! You see, piling your stuff on open shelves, showcasing the mess, just doesn’t make sense. No, you want to hide any clutter. A lovely accent cabinet will do the job wonderfully. Add some seasonal flowers in a vase on top to complete your guest’s first impression of your awesome design sense.

medium gray black and white accent rug

Don’t Be Afraid of Laying Out a Big Rug

We understand the massive temptation to skimp on an accent rug when filling a small space. The trouble is this makes the room seem even smaller. No, this is a flaw you can easily hide. Once you’ve done your duty with a tape measure and written down the room’s dimension, go for it with the biggest rug you can find, maybe even defining the room’s motif with bold colors and/shapes such as those inspired by abstract art. Let your imagination be your guide!

queen panel bed

But Scale Down Your Bed Size

While you may dream of resting on a majestic canopy bed in a California king size, that will have to wait until you acquire more floor space. Too big a bed is an eyesore and hogs the room. Consider a panel queen bed with a low headboard or a trim Danish Modern-inspired model. You want about a yard (3 feet, or a meter if you’re feeling European) of space separating your bed from the walls in front and on the sides, just for room for you and a partner to maneuver!

To make the most of any challenging home, check out your home furniture options always for less, visit one of our Pennsauken, NJ area stores.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Shake Things Up With a Rad TV-Room Design

If you’ve got the home of your dreams with a dedicated room just for TV and movie watching, fantastic! But those of us who are more space-challenged in our residences need not fret. Anybody can have an awesome area for the Eagles game or video-game showdown. All it takes is the right entertainment furniture and other accessories plus a little imaginative planning. We at Best Buy Furniture have helped households like yours with their “appointment TV” viewing pleasure even when the home advertised as “cozy” turned out simply to be “too small.” Read on and be inspired by some designer’s tricks plus hands-on experience with home furniture.

 TV corner unit with fireplace

Carve Out Your Space for Maximum TV Viewing

Creating a corner or nook for your entertainment furniture can be as easy as strategic placement of an accent rug and or room partition such as a Japanese-style folding screen to mark off part of a larger room. One of our handy TV corner units might be just the thing for this small entertainment space. And you don’t necessarily have to lose out on a decent-sized screen! Our sturdy TV stands can readily hold your new set. Better still, you can add both heat and an air of intimacy for snuggling with one of our LED fireplace units that fit in some entertainment consoles.

 TV stand

Stay Focused with Minimalist Cool

Your mind may have a million design ideas. Or you’ve got lots of mementos to show off. But for your entertainment furniture, keep the emphasis on the screen and you can’t go wrong. With your media space, you want to minimize distractions, otherwise the room is “loud” like Grandpa’s lime-green pants. You don’t have to go entirely Zen with your TV room, however. Try a movie poster on the side wall for some panache.

Whatever your media furniture requirements, you’re sure to find what you need at one of our Pennsauken, NJ stores.

Monday, January 21, 2019

A Vision for the New Year: Redecorate Your Living Room

How typical of January! It’s the start of a new year, and of course our eyes can’t keep from lingering on fresh furniture. Perhaps the shapes and shades of our living room have lost their luster as of late; or perhaps there’s simply something in the air that whispers, our decor could be so much more, if we just experiment a bit.

As homeowners, tenants or landlords, we should always take the opportunity to examine the decor in our lives; how it affects our day-to-day, and the lessons we can take away from a re-decorating. Today Best Buy Furniture wants to revisit that old classic—the living room—to explore what does and doesn’t work when renovating your space.

 accent pillow

Infuse the Room with Color, But Beware of Overwhelming

If the living room is indeed the epicenter of your home, what does that say about you and your home life if it’s rather lacking in color? We firmly believe in bringing a full spectrum of color into your spaces, but in a way that feels natural—not overly busy or forced.

Already have a chaise sofa and matching armchair in your living space, and a color scheme to start with? Then complement it softly, and subtly, with the addition of some tasteful accent pillows; maybe even an arrangement of flowers, blooming forth from your coffee table centerpiece?

 sofa set

Be Conscious of Personality and Practicality in Your Space

Usually, we tell our customers to be their most creative selves in their living rooms: to express it all, in a wide array of styles and colors; but inevitably, you do have to think about the function of it all. You may have decorated the most visually stunning living room side this side of Philadelphia, PA, but what good’s it doing you if you can barely walk between your coffee table and your sleeper sofa?

In placing any piece of furniture down into your living room, always ask yourself: would it make sense to sit here when talking to a friend, reading a book, or working on my laptop? Allow yourself to daydream and imagine exactly when, where and why you’ll be in your living room, and how you’ll feel when you’re there.

 fabric upholstered loveseat

Acquaint Yourself with the Ins and Outs of Your Upholstery

If we had to stress one morsel of wisdom today, it would be this: know your upholstery well before you purchase it for your living room. You can spend countless hours online, scouring for that perfect set of living room decor; but at the end of the day, you can’t be sure that it’s what you need or want, until you see and feel it for yourself.

Conveniently, you can do that, without any pressure, by visiting Best Buy Furniture. Our Philly location is the destination for anyone looking to renovate and redecorate their living room the right way this year.