Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Shake Things Up With a Rad TV-Room Design

If you’ve got the home of your dreams with a dedicated room just for TV and movie watching, fantastic! But those of us who are more space-challenged in our residences need not fret. Anybody can have an awesome area for the Eagles game or video-game showdown. All it takes is the right entertainment furniture and other accessories plus a little imaginative planning. We at Best Buy Furniture have helped households like yours with their “appointment TV” viewing pleasure even when the home advertised as “cozy” turned out simply to be “too small.” Read on and be inspired by some designer’s tricks plus hands-on experience with home furniture.

 TV corner unit with fireplace

Carve Out Your Space for Maximum TV Viewing

Creating a corner or nook for your entertainment furniture can be as easy as strategic placement of an accent rug and or room partition such as a Japanese-style folding screen to mark off part of a larger room. One of our handy TV corner units might be just the thing for this small entertainment space. And you don’t necessarily have to lose out on a decent-sized screen! Our sturdy TV stands can readily hold your new set. Better still, you can add both heat and an air of intimacy for snuggling with one of our LED fireplace units that fit in some entertainment consoles.

 TV stand

Stay Focused with Minimalist Cool

Your mind may have a million design ideas. Or you’ve got lots of mementos to show off. But for your entertainment furniture, keep the emphasis on the screen and you can’t go wrong. With your media space, you want to minimize distractions, otherwise the room is “loud” like Grandpa’s lime-green pants. You don’t have to go entirely Zen with your TV room, however. Try a movie poster on the side wall for some panache.

Whatever your media furniture requirements, you’re sure to find what you need at one of our Pennsauken, NJ stores.

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