Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to Create the Perfect Home Office in Any Size Space

Creating a home office can sometimes be a difficult task. If you live in a small apartment, finding a suitable amount of space can prove to be a challenge. Even if you do have plenty of space to spare, it can be hard to determine exactly what furniture pieces you will need to create an office that is efficient and organized. At Best Buy Furniture, we can lend a hand. With our extensive office furniture collection, we can help you create a functional home office no matter what the size of your budget or your living space.

Home Office Furniture for Studio Apartments
If you want to create a home office in a small space, choose furniture that is compact and multipurpose. For example, instead of choosing a desk with simply one flat surface, opt for one with built-in shelves or storage drawers. Desks with built-in USB ports and electrical outlets are another option to consider, since they can be placed in virtually any part of your home. We even sell portable computer workstations with multiple tiers of desktop and storage space that can easily fit into the corner of any room.

Home Office Furniture for One Bedroom Apartments

If you live in a one bedroom apartment, chances are you have a bit more space to set up your home office furniture. Even if you do not have an entire spare room to dedicate to your home office, you can section off part of your bedroom or living room to create a mini office area. Consider purchasing a corner desk or L-shaped desk, which will transform a bare room corner into a sleek and streamlined corner office. Our corner desks provide ample space for your laptops and electronics, and many of our models also allow you to fit a small filing cabinet underneath.

Home Office Furniture for 2+ Bedroom Apartments / Homes

If you are fortunate enough to have an entire room that you can dedicate to your home office, then your office furniture options are almost endless. With a larger space, you have the freedom to purchase office furniture pieces that are fancier and more ornate, as opposed to simply functional. For a truly luxurious option, consider purchasing an executive desk. Our executive desks are the ultimate combination of form and function, as they feature spacious desktops and storage drawers paired with elegant design components, including decorative appliques, dark wood finishes, and more.

This office furniture guide is just a starting point, as there are endless other home office furniture options available at our Philadelphia, PA discount furniture store. Look through our extensive product catalog to see our diverse selection of office furnishings and allow the Best Buy Furniture team to help you create the home office of your dreams!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Creating the Ultimate Home Bar

Do you dream of having a home bar but don’t quite know where to start? Perhaps you think you don’t have enough room in your house, or the cost of a home bar would be too expensive. Whatever may have held you back in the past, let us here at Best Buy Furniture assure you that the home bar of your dreams is well within your reach. Our discount furniture store has an extensive selection of stylish home bar furniture that can fit any space or budget.
Our Compact Bar Tables
If you want a place to entertain but you are limited on space, then our sleek home bar tables were made for you. These bar tables are the perfect choice for someone who may not have an extensive amount of drinks and stemware, but what they do have, they want to display in style. We are pleased to offer home bar tables for less than $100! Our bar tables will fit nicely in a small space and they will add a touch of simple sophistication to any living room or dining room.

Our Spacious Bar Units

If you entertain often and have plenty of space to spare, then you may want to consider purchasing one of our home bar units. Our home bar units provide storage and seating all in one. These beautiful units offer ample space for storing bar accessories, while their spacious counter tops give guests a spot to place drinks as they sip and lounge. 

Our Versatile Bar Cabinets 

If you are looking for a product to store your drinks more discreetly, consider one of our home bar cabinets. These stylish storage units provide substantial room for storing drinks and stemware, and they even offer counter space for serving. A bar cabinet or corner bar is the perfect choice for someone who may not frequently entertain, but wants to have a small space ready when the opportunity arises.

We encourage you to start creating your home bar today so you can cater to your guests with style and class. Stop by one of our furniture showrooms to see all the amazing home bar options we have to offer! You can visit Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, NJ or at any one of our four furniture store locations.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Design A Kids Bedroom Your Child Will Love!

When designing a kids bedroom, there are numerous things to consider, including furniture quality, comfort, and durability. You need to realize; however, that while all these things may be important to you, they are of little to no importance to your child. All most kids care about is having fun, so if you want to design a kids bedroom your child will love, it’s important to keep that in mind. Here are some ideas of how you can create a kids bedroom that’s fun, functional, and sure to please!

Pick a Bedroom Theme

Every kid has something they are obsessed with—maybe it’s cars, maybe its fairies, or maybe they just love the color red. Whatever it is your child loves, it’s good to make note of that before you start furniture shopping. Use a theme to first create a bedroom color scheme and then choose kids bedroom furniture that matches accordingly. Our discount furniture outlet has an excellent selection of Ashley kids furniture that comes in playful designs. We can provide you with kids beds, kids nightstands, and even bedding that will all coordinate to create an inviting sleep space for your child.

Unique Kids Beds
Once you have chosen a theme for your child’s bedroom, it’s time to choose coordinating furniture pieces. Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, it’s best to find a bed that makes a statement. We are happy to offer an assortment of unique kids beds at our Philadelphia, PA home furniture showroom. We have castle-shaped beds for your little princess, car-shaped beds for your little speedster, and beds with built-in bookshelves for a child that loves to read. Whatever your child’s interest is, we have beds that can help them express it.

Kid-Friendly Bedroom Accents

After you have selected the big furniture pieces for your child’s bedroom, don’t forget to add a few decorative accents to make the space more visually interesting. Bedroom accents such as lamps and area rugs can add character and color to dull or empty spaces. At our home furnishings store, we have a fantastic selection of affordable kids bedroom accents that will fully round out your child's bedroom decor.

Come to Best Buy Furniture today so see all the great kids bedroom furniture we have to offer! With our large collection of Ashley furniture and other trusted brand names, you know that we offer furniture you can rely on. Once you design a kids bedroom using our quality home furniture, your child will be sure to thank you!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Create the Ideal Living Room for Your Lifestyle

Your living room is the heart of your home, so it’s important to fill it with home furnishings that effectively combine form and function. After all, your living room serves many purposes—relaxing, entertaining, gathering with the family—so you should strive to find furniture that is not only stylish and welcoming, but can also handle years of wear and tear. Here are four simple steps that will help you start on your journey to create the perfect living room for you and your family.  

Make a Living Room Design Plan

Before you begin looking at your living room furniture options, consider the type of atmosphere you are looking to create. Do you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, with furniture pieces that feature soft upholstery and overstuffed cushions? Or do you want an upscale living room, that features more structured and distinct pieces? Choosing your design theme may seem like a daunting task at first, but our staff of skilled furniture experts are more than happy to help. Our staff can even make recommendations based on photos you provide us, either through email or in person.

Set a Furniture Budget

Whether you want to spend just a few hundred dollars for a fashionable sofa or you want to splurge on a complete living room furniture set, here at Best Buy Furniture, we’ve got you covered. Setting a realistic furniture budget is important to ensure that you do not go beyond your means. Always set a budget before you even begin browsing our living room furniture selection. Once we know your price range, we will be happy to make the best furniture suggestions possible.

Narrow Down Your Furniture Options

No other furniture store in the Philadelphia, PA area has many options to choose from as we do. We have literally hundreds of sofas for sale, including stationary sofas, reclining sofas, and even spacious sectional sofas from top furniture brands, including Ashley furniture. Take some time to look through our catalog and see which selections really catch your eye. Once you have it narrowed down, our furniture professionals can work with you and your family to find the perfect piece that best suits your home furnishing wants and needs.

Enjoy Your New Living Room!

Once all the work is done, you can simply sit back and relax in your fashionable new living room. Even your family and friends are sure to love your attractive new living room d├ęcor!

To see all the fantastic furniture selections that our Philadelphia, PA discount furniture store has to offer, visit Best Buy Furniture today! No matter what your living room needs to come alive, our furniture store will make sure the sales process is quick and painless so you can go back to living in style and comfort.