Monday, August 13, 2018

Which Size Mattress Should You Share?

No matter if you prefer sprawling or spooning, there are a number of mattresses that will please you and your partner. First and foremost when shopping for a mattress, which you should do ever 10 years to stay healthy, is SUPPORT. Your bed needs a good foundation to completely take over from your muscles to let you rest, and accommodate your partner’s needs and preferences as well. Does he or she need a Euro top for extra softness to easily fall asleep? Second comes COMFORT of course, such as a pillowy feeling to sink into while the firm mattress below does its job.


Cozy Full Mattresses for Extra Closeness

It may so happen that you and a partner’s sleep needs are perfectly in sync, and neither of you are “hot sleepers” giving off excess heat when at rest. If you are among those so fortunate, then a full-size mattress is ideal for snuggling! One thing to consider, however, are your heights; full mattresses are best if you’re both at most 5 feet 5 inches tall.

King mattress

More Than One Mattress Solution for Motion Issues

Of course you want to sleep with your significant other but it’s often a tradeoff: people who snooze together report 50% more interruptions to their rest than those who don’t. If you share your mattress and one of you gets out of bed a lot during the night, you work different shifts, or one or both of you move a lot in your sleep, there is more than one mattress solution to keep both partners happy and help the relationship! There is the drastic solution of two twin or full beds, which isn’t just something you see in old movies: about 1 in 4 American couples go this route. But before you do that, sacrificing the closeness that builds your relationship, we’d like to tell you about the latest in gel-infused memory foam mattresses. These fine lab-developed items not only give your tired body a comfortable “ride” and diffuse excess body heat. They also maximally absorb your motion so your partner remains peacefully asleep! Of course if you need extra room to stretch out on top of that, go for a king mattress. But if square footage in your bedroom prevents that, not to worry. America’s favorite size is the queenmattress. With this state-of-the-art polymer technology, your new mattress will give you the sleep you need to be on top of your game AND ramp up your love life!

Whichever size mattress you prefer, you’ll find it among the top brands available at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress in our Philadelphia,PA area stores!