Thursday, December 13, 2018

3 Clever Ways to Reinvent Your Home Office

Here’s the rundown: you maintain an office space in your home, but you rarely use it. We’ve all been there—restless and eager to work at our laptop, but feeling (rightfully so) that our bedroom just doesn’t cut it in terms of productivity. Today, Best Buy Furniture is here to tell you that you don’t always need to escape to the nearest cafĂ© when you want to concentrate and work—you can rearrange, reinvent, and redecorate your home office! All it takes is some careful planning, and the results will astound you!

Brown Computer Desk

I. The Built-In-Nook

Imagine this, if you will. Instead of freely floating in the middle of your room, or pressing against a wall, your dedicated office desk can occupy a tiny nook of its own. We like this setup because it eliminates nearby distractions, helping us to concentrate on the task at hand. 

While a traditional computer desk could go the trick here, we encourage you to decorate any way you want—even if that means an adjustable height desk. Who says you always have to sit down as you work? 2018 was all about breaking old habits, and we expect all the more from 2019!

Versailles Cherry Oak Computer Desk & Hutch

II. The Picturesque Home Office

If we had to guess, you’ve always dreamed of having your own full-fledge home office: a professional work zone, with a bookcase, fancy lighting, and plenty of storage included. Do you realize that a classic office credenza could give you all of that, in the style, finish and size that suits you best? 

It’s rare that one piece of furniture does the trick by itself, but in this case, a credenza is in fact a miracle. What’s even sweeter: because of the way a credenza can command a space, you can glamorize an otherwise dull and uninspiring home office, just by planting some stately decor in it.

Pandora Black Desk (Leg)

III. The Repurposed Corner

In the world of home decor, a corner is sometimes to be avoided. But that’s nonsense in the home office! With the right office desk, you can work wonders. 

Conveniently, you can browse through our home office furniture collections to find just the right corner desk for the job, at a price that’ll get you thinking about redecorating on a week day. 

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