Monday, January 21, 2019

A Vision for the New Year: Redecorate Your Living Room

How typical of January! It’s the start of a new year, and of course our eyes can’t keep from lingering on fresh furniture. Perhaps the shapes and shades of our living room have lost their luster as of late; or perhaps there’s simply something in the air that whispers, our decor could be so much more, if we just experiment a bit.

As homeowners, tenants or landlords, we should always take the opportunity to examine the decor in our lives; how it affects our day-to-day, and the lessons we can take away from a re-decorating. Today Best Buy Furniture wants to revisit that old classic—the living room—to explore what does and doesn’t work when renovating your space.

 accent pillow

Infuse the Room with Color, But Beware of Overwhelming

If the living room is indeed the epicenter of your home, what does that say about you and your home life if it’s rather lacking in color? We firmly believe in bringing a full spectrum of color into your spaces, but in a way that feels natural—not overly busy or forced.

Already have a chaise sofa and matching armchair in your living space, and a color scheme to start with? Then complement it softly, and subtly, with the addition of some tasteful accent pillows; maybe even an arrangement of flowers, blooming forth from your coffee table centerpiece?

 sofa set

Be Conscious of Personality and Practicality in Your Space

Usually, we tell our customers to be their most creative selves in their living rooms: to express it all, in a wide array of styles and colors; but inevitably, you do have to think about the function of it all. You may have decorated the most visually stunning living room side this side of Philadelphia, PA, but what good’s it doing you if you can barely walk between your coffee table and your sleeper sofa?

In placing any piece of furniture down into your living room, always ask yourself: would it make sense to sit here when talking to a friend, reading a book, or working on my laptop? Allow yourself to daydream and imagine exactly when, where and why you’ll be in your living room, and how you’ll feel when you’re there.

 fabric upholstered loveseat

Acquaint Yourself with the Ins and Outs of Your Upholstery

If we had to stress one morsel of wisdom today, it would be this: know your upholstery well before you purchase it for your living room. You can spend countless hours online, scouring for that perfect set of living room decor; but at the end of the day, you can’t be sure that it’s what you need or want, until you see and feel it for yourself.

Conveniently, you can do that, without any pressure, by visiting Best Buy Furniture. Our Philly location is the destination for anyone looking to renovate and redecorate their living room the right way this year.