Monday, May 13, 2019

Get Performance Fabric for the Ultimate in Stain Fighting

Before the advent of performance fabric upholstery, time was when you spilled something on your living room furniture, you cleaned it as best you can and likely had a ghost of a stain for the rest of your sofa’s days. That time is long past thanks to the boom in synthetic fabrics. Not only are these fabrics easy to make and in a wide variety of colors and textures. Scientific advances in the manufacturing of these fibers makes performance fabric an indispensable part of your home furniture and accessories indoor and out. Here’s a brief overview of performance fabric’s astounding success story and why it belongs in YOUR household.

 living room loveseat with performance fabric

Performance Fabric 1, Stains 0

When you choose performance fabric for your living room loveseat and ottoman, you need never worry about kids and dogs ruining upholstery again! To understand why we boldly make this claim, first you have to understand how performance fabric is made. With conventional cloth, the natural fibers are made first, then dipped in a dye that doesn’t saturate the fiber all the way through. That means “these colors run” when there’s trouble such as a cranberry-juice stain or the sun’s relentless rays on your chaise longue. No worries, say the makers of performance fabric. This material is molten plastic before it’s refined into cloth fibers. The trick is to mix the color into the liquid plastic, so that when the plastic is made into fibers and cools, it’s 100% that color. No lasting stains or fading!

patio umbrella made of performance fabric

Outdoor Performance Fabric: Sun and Weatherproof

Of course the uses of colorfast performance fabric seem self-evident: living room furniture getting heavy use as well as awnings and upholstered outdoor dining sets. Also, outdoor umbrellas made of this fabric not only remain pristine: they block UV rays!

Count on performance fabric to keep looking new! Get it on your next piece of living room or outdoor furniture at our Pennsauken, NJ store.