Monday, March 18, 2019

Tiny Space? Avoid Design Pitfalls with the Right Furniture and Accents

If what the realtor or ad described as “intimate” is really “too small,” don’t panic. You too can have an awesome interior design for your home without breaking the bank. All it takes is a bit of thought. This is important because when you are squeezed tight with your square footage, you have nowhere to hide. Any mistake in furniture choice or placement is plain to see. That’s why Best Buy Furniture & Mattress is happy to share with you some free advice, recommended by design pros and honed through years of our helping customers like you, to prevent the most common mistakes new households make when laying out their home furniture

accent cabinet

Go for Storage Furniture in the Foyer

Some designers have recommended open shelving in a tiny entryway. Well, guess what? They’re wrong! You see, piling your stuff on open shelves, showcasing the mess, just doesn’t make sense. No, you want to hide any clutter. A lovely accent cabinet will do the job wonderfully. Add some seasonal flowers in a vase on top to complete your guest’s first impression of your awesome design sense.

medium gray black and white accent rug

Don’t Be Afraid of Laying Out a Big Rug

We understand the massive temptation to skimp on an accent rug when filling a small space. The trouble is this makes the room seem even smaller. No, this is a flaw you can easily hide. Once you’ve done your duty with a tape measure and written down the room’s dimension, go for it with the biggest rug you can find, maybe even defining the room’s motif with bold colors and/shapes such as those inspired by abstract art. Let your imagination be your guide!

queen panel bed

But Scale Down Your Bed Size

While you may dream of resting on a majestic canopy bed in a California king size, that will have to wait until you acquire more floor space. Too big a bed is an eyesore and hogs the room. Consider a panel queen bed with a low headboard or a trim Danish Modern-inspired model. You want about a yard (3 feet, or a meter if you’re feeling European) of space separating your bed from the walls in front and on the sides, just for room for you and a partner to maneuver!

To make the most of any challenging home, check out your home furniture options always for less, visit one of our Pennsauken, NJ area stores.

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