Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Designing a Living Room for the Spring and Summer of 2018

While the Spring and the green may have arrived late for us here in Philadelphia, there’s no reason why you have to stall your annual plans for Mother Nature. Now’s the perfect time to reawaken that interior decorator in all of us and get to redesigning our living spaces. Whether you lean toward the regal or the rural, our home furniture experts know precisely what’ll rejuvenate your home, preparing you for all the color and the splendor of the Summer of 2018.

Living room sectional sofa

Bring Brightness into Your Living Room Furniture

What could be more energetic during the Spring of 2018 than a living room and furniture that glows like the sun? With one of our ever-modular and rearrangeable sectionals, you can line the sides and back of your living space in hues that recall the radiance of the morning. Break up the color scheme by adding a sectional coffee table that complements the seating and the style of the room. Remembering the rule of substance and scale, opt for a bigger L-shaped sofa, especially if you’re furnishing a relatively small area.

 Earth-tone living room loveseat

Revive Your Living Room Furniture with Accessories

Amidst all your earth-toned upholstery, why not celebrate the arrival of the season (belated as it was) by accenting your living room sofas and loveseats with colorful displays of flowers and seasonal plants? Just some clay-molded pots and a bouquet of local pickings will spruce up your space so much you’ll forget it was ever winter. As you’re rearranging your larger pieces of living room furniture, do balance it all out as much as possible, being mindful that your colors and accents match.

 Weathered living room futon

Open-Space Benches and Living Room Futons Aplenty

Spring and Summer should be light and airy; and so should the seating in your living room. Get stylish by experimenting with an upholstered bench that won’t block the decor on your walls. Of course, who said a bench has to always be for seating? You can acquire a richly finished bench containing drawers, as well as baskets for all your arts and crafts, and anything else you can dream up. Meanwhile, your sun room is just begging for a weathered futon—ideal for lounging and siesta-hour napping during the day.

If you’re feeling the Spring bug in your bones, then now’s the time to scratch it and stop by at a Best Buy discount furniture store in Philadelphia, PA or Pennsauken, NJ. Between our living room furnishings, and our stellar daily savings, you’ll do more decorating than you ever thought possible.

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