Monday, November 12, 2018

Design Tips: The Bedroom

Your bedroom is probably your home’s most sacred space, the place to let your guard down and be yourself. It’s where you start and end your day, pass out with a pizza on Friday night (we’re not judging), pick out the clothes you’re going to venture out into the world in, and curl up into a ball under a pile of blankets when you’re feeling down. So choosing furniture and other decor for this room is very important. Here is some design advice to simplify this task.

bedroom set with warm colors

Consider the Temperature

No, we’re not talking about opening a bedroom window or turning your thermostat up. Rather, what’s your bedroom’s emotional temperature, the dominant mood you want to set there? Are you extremely warm and welcoming? Then so should be your bedroom. Paint the walls with a warm hue. Accent your bed with colorful pillows. Accent the room overall with bright curtains.

Or what if you need to chill? Then cool colors, such as blues, greens, and violet, are in order to calm you down for the night.

You know who you are, so make your bedroom’s temperature into a reflection of yourself, and you’ll always feel comfortable in your most intimate, personal and private space.

 California king bed

Form and Function Are Your Friends

The two most important things to consider about your bedroom are that:

It suits your style and looks great. It looks like you. It’s a reflection of you.
It’s functional. It’s comfortable. It’s sensible. It’s logical.

In other words, you shouldn’t choose a beautiful-looking bedroom space that makes no functional sense, or vice versa. In the spirit of feng shui, a Chinese theory of interior design, think about what type of balance makes sense for you.

How big is your bedroom? Be realistic, because cluttering it won’t make sense. Less is usually more. Think about how it should flow to suit your routine.

Once the logistics are squared away, think about how you can achieve your needs in a manner that is most suitable to your style. Of course we have a wide array of items in our bedroom furniture inventory that will suit any taste.


So, now that we’ve gone over two important bedroom tips, we have a little homework assignment for you. Ask yourself these questions:

What temperature is your overall mood, and how can you make your bedroom reflect that?
What can be changed about your bedroom to make it more functional, and cohesive with your routine?
How can your personal stylistic preferences be applied to the newfound functionality of your bedroom?

And if you have any other questions or you simply want to check out what’s out there in bedroom furniture, come to one of our Pennsauken,NJ stores, check out our website or give us a call.

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