Monday, September 17, 2018

Reinterpreting Your Living Room: the Pizzazz of Sectional Sofas and Other Decor

All across America, homeowners, tenants and house guests everywhere find themselves at a crossroads: they have all the furniture they need, but nonetheless, they’re not quite satisfied with any of it. In the bedroom, this is a more localized, and personal problem; one that can be hidden out of sight until you see just the right nightstand or wall decoration to get you thinking contemporary vs. classic again. But in the living room of your home or apartment, this is, in fact, a social crisis waiting to happen.

Instead of leaving you hanging and unhappy in your most social of living spaces, today we’ll go into the ABC’s of living room renovations, starting with your sectional sofa:

The Geometric Potential of Your Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa

Although you may be unaccustomed to thinking about your living room decor in terms of angles (and may be shying from any memory of Geometry altogether), compartments and partitions, we here at Best Buy Furniture see the wisdom in this from time to time—especially when renovating.

Take your sectional sofa, for example. While anyone could haphazardly drop this exceptional piece of upholstery up against the wall and call it a day, you’re a more discerning decorator, and you know this simply won’t work. The human eye can detect the tiniest hints of asymmetry at a glance, leaving you and any of your guests (regardless of your respective backgrounds in the arts) with the unshakable feeling that there’s something “off” about your living room.

Whether it be a 3 piece or 7 piece left-facing sectional sofa, think about the space that your sofa dominates and how this affects your surrounding furniture.

An Accent Ottoman Can Complement Any Size Sofa

Accent Ottoman

After you’ve divvied up your living room and allocated a portion of it to your primary seating (be it in the form of a sectional sofa or power recliner), get to thinking about what best complements it. In most cases, we find that an accent ottoman is ideal here—being both aesthetically pleasing, and totally functional as a foot rest, makeshift table, or perch for your house pet.

In one inviting accent ottoman, you can fill in any voids left behind by your sofa, and create an oasis of sorts in your living room, encouraging you to relax, get productive, and be creative. At its best, your living room should inspire you to be yourself; and renovating the space with a new sectional sofa or leather ottoman can do this, easily and affordably.

Consult Your Local Decorators Whenever You Want

Sofa Sets for the Living Room

Having bequeathed you a few ideas to digest, we leave you to visualize all these possibilities in your own home or apartment. At the same time, we encourage you to reach out to us here at Best Buy Furniture in Pennsauken, New Jersey, to ask any questions you may have regarding sectional sofas, living room renovations, and everything related to affordable home decorating.

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