Friday, July 16, 2021

Add Two-Tone Furniture for Casual or Retro Flair, Available for Less from Us!

 As the poet Hopkins said of nature, “glory be … for dappled things,” meaning having two or more tones of color adds just that much more zest to life. That applies just as much to your home furniture. Spots of contrasting colors have long been an interior decorator’s way to add some visual interest to a dead or blah corner of a room. Good thing that Best Buy Furniture & Mattress has an outstanding selection of two-toned home furnishings to help thrifty shoppers like you realize their design dreams for your rooms!

two-tone living room reclining sofa set

Rad Designs for Two-Tone Living Room Furniture

Your living room furniture can have an easy and fun refresh thanks to two-tone sofa sets or end tables adding a sense of whimsy. For example, your couch and loveseat can be radical in red and mint green like a classic car’s bench seat upholstery for retro appeal. Add a high-class Danish modern TV stand in complementary colors such as cream and brown and you’re on your way to having a showplace fun for friends or just staying in nights watching the tube or chatting.

two-tone TV stand

Classic Two-Tone Dining Furniture

A perennial favorite among our customers is two-tone dining furniture in more traditional, complementary hues, lending an air of friendly informality to your room or nook. One popular option is to have the dining table and chairs with distressed antique-style white legs but a deep brown plank-style tabletop. Similar shades also work for our personal favorite round dinette tables with their intriguing pedestal bases. The possibilities are endless.

two-tone round dining table

No matter which two colors you choose, you’ll find the awesome home furniture you’re look for if you shop smart at Best Buy Furniture & Mattress in Philadelphia and South Jersey! We make the magic happen for far less than you thought you’d pay.

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